My listing that I staged myself.

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I am so excited about my new listing. My husband recently became my business partner. When I mentioned to him that I was going to stage my next listing and that It was going to cost $1250 he said why don’t you do yourself so we can keep the items instead of paying someone else.

Hmmmm...  my first thought was my husband is clearly out of touch with what accessories and furniture cost!!  But I am always up for a challenge and I figured why not give it a shot. And let me mention I had less than a week before photography and photo shoot. No pressure. I said I would see what I could find on Craigslist, OfferUp and Letgo for some furniture. And I did some bartering!!

Well I had a few late nights and my husband did a lot of running around but after 5 days and lots of shopping we got the job done. I am so proud of my first staging job. Oh and most important.... we came in under the budget of $1250.  And a special thanks to my client for trusting us to stage it!!  

Here is 1912 NE 48th Way and let’s hope my hard work pays off with a quick sale!!! 




Home sign to the right of Driveway 50% off at Joann’s. I have one in my own doorway so I knew exactly what I was shopping for. 


I was so excited when I got the photos back.  Set of accent chairs were $40 on Craigslist  


Area Rug $29.99 at Ross Dress for Less 

Set of 3 black tables with glass tops $60 on craigslist 

Couch was bought new for $300 (on sale) at Big Lots. This was after 4 days of looking and I finally drew the line at buying a used couch. 


Artwork on wall was given to me by a friend who was going to donate it to goodwill. I got SUPER LUCKY there. She gave me the pair of lamps as well when I told her what I was doing. 


This was probably my best find. Table was $30 on craigslist and I bartered for the chairs. I traded some storage shelves in my garage I was not using for the 4 chairs. I got creative to stay on budget. The picture on the wall was also donated by a family member to use for staging. 


Picture in corner I got at Hobby Lobby for under $15. But for the purpose of budgeting it was $0 as I change things up at home and I was not using this at the time. 




I did spend $65 at Tuesday Morning on colored bowls, fruit for bowls, the lily on the counter, the shower curtain you will see in the bathroom and a few other misc accessories. I love that store!




Now this kitchen corner also has to be one of my favorite corners and the items I found are my favorite. The four pictures on the wall had bed bath and beyond tags on them that they were $40 a piece and I found them at goodwill for $6 a piece. Yahooooo!  And the bistro table?  My other favorite find!!  Also brand new in the box at goodwill. It was from target. I looked it up and it retails for $200. It still had the customers shipping label on it. He must have not wanted to return it for whatever reason so I scored and got it for $60 brand new and my friend Nicole put it together for me because I’m not the best at that!


Look at the close up! The photographer agreed that was a great photo opp and selling point of the house. . Such a cozy breakfast nook. 


Entry way table. LOVE this piece. I got the desk you will see and this side table both off craigslist for $50. Not a scratch on them until my husband decided to stack them on top of each other. Lol. But that gives them some character right?  I adore him for driving all over Portland to get these pieces for me. 


Towels throughout. Big Lots. Pics on bathroom. $20 Hobby Lobby. Ordered online. Shipped in 4 days. Love that store. 


Nightstands found on craigslist $75 for the pair.  I offered $50 and he accepted. They were originally $80 piece.  I got lucky on this find too!  

Headboard found on offerup.  Originally $500 purchased at West Elm.  I found it for $75 and he took $50 for it!!!!  The key here was finding very light furniture we can reuse as well.  Bedding was bought new at Ross for $50 bed in a bag.  I bought the bed skirt for $4 at goodwill and cut it up and taped it to the air mattress.  Home picture bought at Fred Meyer on sale.  I have the same picture at home so it was easy to shop for  


Chair in corner  I got the set for $20 off Craigslist.  I loved it so much I took the other one home instead of using it for staging right now!!!


Accessories from Big Lots  


This room was too much fun. My friend Nicole helped me put together the $40 bookshelf from Fred Meyer.


I had the Air mattress. I had the chair in the corner. Both I was not using but so glad I hung onto. Bedding was purchased new. Notice the kitty accessories.


Plant and accessories from Tuesday Morning


Set of chairs $50 on craigslist. Desk was $25 on craigslist. Lamp $15 target.


I borrowed my own Adirondack chairs.  

Don’t they just make you want to grab your morning coffee and sit on the Deck?  It does make me miss my place a little at Travertine. I loved living there. 

We had so much fun staging our first job and look forward to many more!!  I will have to tell my husband I will need some new accessories here and there. I don’t want all my pictures looking the same right?  The good news is he won’t have to ever do that again. Unless of course our staging business (as he likes to call it) takes off and my phone starts ringing off the hook.... lol.  

It really was so much fun I had to share and although not completely practical (minus the air mattresses)  it’s a great example how you could furnish a 3 story townhouse on a budget!!!!